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Allah hunting – force a sale

Allah hunting – force a sale

It is possible to go beyond Yahweh and peacefully trading which is fishing to Allah and hunting and forcing a sale. This is possible such as when you ask for a design concept the designer sends you three and charges you for three and takes advantage of the relationship. Using Allah puts unnecessary strain on the relationship as one party feels taken advantage of. If you over hunt and over do Allah the client will terminate the relationship. It is best to stay with Yahweh and fishing and not do Allah and hunting.

My graphic designer used Allah against me. He shaved his daughter’s heads to say they are circles using Mohammed’s sword then tried forcing a sale of over £150. I still want to work with him but he is killing my finances and pushing me to the limit. I’m in two minds about paying him. I might try and renegotiate his bill when he has had some time to think. Or wait until I’m desperate for his services again before I pay him. Let’s see if Allah can hunt and force a sale. That’s halal chicken and hunting. I decided to pay him after a while. So Allah and hunting works.