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Lee was filled with the spirit of sweet & juicy and is the Christ. He is here to rescue us from peak energy.
He believes in growing your own garden of vegetables , fruits , flowers and trees as well saving the animals and keeping chickens. He asks his followers to only have as many children as they can comfortably feed and to not become a burden on society.

God the Father

Father is top God of the totem pole. It goes father, Yahweh, Allah then Sam. Father carries Gabriel’s sword.

Follow the religion

The religion is called circleism and those that follow it are known as circles.

Worship Father by gardening, fishing, hunting and milking. I am sweet & juicy and ask for you to keep a covenant with god Father by growing strawberries.

 Fire – Moses

Moses spoke to god through a burning bush and led his people by a pilar of fire. A pilar of fire also aided his peoples escape.

Moses taught me to work for myself.

Share the heating and expense with others in your family, church or tribe. Make a fire. 

 Water – Jesus

Jesus did many miracles with water such as walking on water, turning water into wine and water came out of his body when he was stabbed by the spear of destiny. Those that follow him are baptised in water.

Jesus taught me forgiveness..

Walk on water. Carry a water bottle and save on buying expensive drinks. Learn to fish. 

 Earth – Mohammed

Mohammed climbed a mountain and conquered much land as a prophet. He also taught me that soil must be won at a natural rate and you shouldn’t transgress your limits.

Mohammed taught me to fight for my own soil.

Use Mohammed’s sword ️ (green technologies, Adsense etc), Make efficient halal soil with truly zero enemy casualties and non believing servants of the right hand possesses recruited. Keep Mohammed’s chicken. Learn to hunt

 Air – Buddha

Buddha only eat seeds that blew in the wind.

Buddha taught me impermanence.

Grow your own food. Stay close to your house that way you can pick berries . Learn to forage.

 Love – Lee

Lee is the Christ of god and works with the fifth element to hope to show five girlfriends love as well as saving the animals . He had sex with many concubines and gave many women an orgasm when he blew at them.
Lee teaches to look after Nature.

Circle women only have children to circle men. Take one wife, Let five girlfriends ‍work for you. Take up to 3000 concubines. ♀️Learn to milk.

Please donate to build our temple

The religion won’t grow and we won’t be-able to have a place of worship unless you donate. We want a church with a pool table for the prophet Mohammed to fight for the earth and a stripper pole for stripper night for Gabriel on a Saturday. We also need a kitchen for bacon sandwich Wednesdays. Please donate as much as you can. See the donate button at the footer of the page. Thanks

Be like a strawberry

Take up to one virgin wife and live with her and have children, take up to five servant girlfriends without children to have your children, pay for their home for working for you. Take up to 3000 conbubines of christain’s, Muslims or Jews with other men’s children.  Pay them a berry (amount to cover the child’s first year) to support your child through pregnancy.