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Our culture

Circles believe in some key qualities of the culture. They are:

  1. Yahweh is God
  2. Trust in the pyramid of power
  3. Grow your own food
  4. Keeping chickens for eggs
  5. Work from home
  6. Have five girlfriends that work for you (tax deductible) and have your children
  7. Have as many children as you can feed
  8. Using efficient green devices such as air fryers and microwaves.
  9. Fish for donations
  10. Hunt for work
  11. Forage
  12. Save and earn interest
  13. Don’t borrow
  14. Don’t Gamble
  15. Don’t drink alcohol
  16. Don’t smoke tobacco or weed
  17. Don’t do illicit drugs
  18. Take one virgin wife
  19. Give your wife a dowry.
  20. You may eat pork to get out of debt
  21. You should try and stay halal
  22. Girls are only allowed one boyfriend their master.
  23. Men shave your hair