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Ramses II

Ramesses II, commonly known as Ramesses the Great, was indeed an Egyptian pharaoh and the third ruler of the Nineteenth Dynasty. He is one of the most celebrated and powerful pharaohs of ancient Egypt, known for his extensive building programs and numerous military campaigns.

Ramesses II reigned from 1279 to 1213 BCE and is often regarded as one of Egypt’s greatest and most effective rulers. His reign was marked by prosperity, monumental construction projects including the famous temples at Abu Simbel and the Ramesseum, and a series of military expeditions that expanded and secured Egypt’s borders. He also signed one of the earliest known peace treaties with the Hittites after the Battle of Kadesh.

His long and impactful reign left a significant legacy, and he was venerated as a god in Egyptian culture for centuries after his death. Ramesses II’s efforts to immortalize his name and achievements through inscriptions, statues, and temples have made him one of the most recognizable figures in ancient Egyptian history.