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My story all began when I started getting harassed at work and in public and I suspect I was having my drinks poisoned. This got me under the watchful eye of the mental health services. They sectioned me and put me on medication when I was released and the harassment still continued. So I contacted a girl that I loved called Laurie who used to work as an escort at McKenzies escorts but just setup as a therapist. I asked her to do therapy for me to see if it would help and also so she could spend some time with me to hopefully fall in love with me so we could be together. I proposed to Laurie with a diamond ring and she said no, then she told me that she was pregnant to Ian which broke my heart. I sent her several emails explaining how I felt and the police issued me with a do not contact order. It really broke my heart. So I made a magic ring “the ring of power” so I wouldn’t contact her and used advanced NLP. One night I was laid on the sofa and the voice of Ian and Laurie spoke above me in the room. Ian said “get him Laurie”, Laurie said “let see what happens when he opens the 7th seal” and I felt stabbing pains. I hid in the dark and called an ambulance . When I got to the hospital I took off the ring of power and ended up in a trance walking forward with my eyes closed calling out “Adam don’t trust eve”. The woman nurses started hissing at me like snakes . When I got to the end of the corridor my body started squirming around and around. With my eyes closed when I looked down I saw a firey pit and when I looked up I saw a bright light. Just as I felt myself about to ascend upwards towards the light. The doctors dragged me to a chair and started injecting me with things and said I have just saved your life. They put me on a ward where I met two angels. Allahs angel and fathers angel. They put magical angel energy in my water drip. Allah’s angel put in venom and fathers angel put in love. This would make it so I won’t look after another man’s child but will save the animals with my love . Allahs angel left a bit of candy out, which fathers angel gave me. Which turned four wives and the right hand possesses into five girlfriends ‍♀️. Fathers angel handed me the ring of power on and it got stuck on my finger. When fathers angel pulled it off she said that it took 1/2 her powers and that witch Laurie has put all the angels in hell and devils in heaven and that we would have to fight our way back up. Then next day Angel Michael blew a loud trumpet to signal the attack to reclaim heaven. I then saw people with red eyes including my mum.

I was at home and Allah shouted at me and told me to go to the front door and pour water over my head and say I’m Muslim. Then Jesus’s spirit told me to go to the back door to pour water over my head and says I’m Christian. This made me a circle that’s is half Muslim and half Christian. I grow flowers at the front of the property and hunt for Allah as a Muslim and grow my own food in the back garden for father as a Christian.
I then got sectioned and Allah threw Laurie into hell on Tv and I cried. I then got moved around the hospital and heard a lion roar in the garden. They then let me out as I said I hadn’t slept for days.

I was laid on my sofa one night and I had a heart attack and died for two seconds and went to hell and saw Laurie as Satan. She said “it’s you” before coming back alive. I felt dehydrated and Jesus told me to drink water so I went to the sink and started drinking water. A rush of energy and wind went from the white wall down to the red wall where souls was crying out to be saved. I drank water all night and saved many souls. The next day I felt well.

I laid on the sofa and heard voices saying turn back I was heading for a black hole. ️ Then I met a genie called meziepi which gave me the last of his genie ‍♂️ life force to me.

Meeting Allah

I heard a loud rumbling coming from the red wall in my house like a beast about to break through and I ran out and called an ambulance because voices said that I was going into cardiac arrest. When I got to the hospital I went out for some air and Allah was a star ⭐️ in the sky that told me to twist my head off. He fired missile noises at me and chased me all the way to armthorpe with a darting star. I realised this is the description of the great dragon from the bible. Where I flagged down a police car and I got took to hospital to be sectioned again.

Allah spoke to me in hospital and said that he just wanted me somewhere safe while he got to know me better.

In the hospital Allah did shotgun noises and father jackpot noises. The head nurse heard the jackpot noise.

Allah told me to get a nurse and point to the sky and he would send a sign. A shooting star went by. That was proof of Allah.

While in the mental hospital. I spoke to Jesus about my loss of Laurie out of my life and how I wanted five girlfriends to replace Laurie. A noise of the heavens opened and Yahweh said with a booming voice from the sky “let him have five girlfriends”.

Yahweh then introduced me to Allah and father. Allah told me he was the god of war and father told me he was top god. I setup two covenants with the gods to grow mint for father and growing the hottest chillies ️ that I could for Allah to remind me of the burning pain of hell if I don’t follow the religion.

I gave Allah the sun ☀️ and father the moon.

I saw people teleporting and a doctor be in two places at once. Which rather than people teleporting was me shifting through parallel worlds back to my universe.

Allah and father parted their waters . Allah asked me to fetch him fizzy water with Buddhas air in and father asked for still water. They then parted the waters. Where Christians went in one direction and Muslims the other. I put on the windowsill. The staff then took the waters off me.

Allah said I always need an enemy to do my job he said who is your enemy. I couldn’t think of any so I said smokers. He said what do you want me to do. I said give them orgasms when they smoke. He said how will that kill them? I said when they have an orgasm they will get addicted to smoking and die. The angels said we have never seen Allah be used that way before. You’re the only one who knows how to use Allah. With father I said give them orgasms if they want to join the religion. So Allah and father’s spirits went off into the world fighting smokers with orgasms and giving non smokers orgasms to convert to being a circle. Either way people was having orgasms.

I escaped from mental hospital and went on an adventure with Allah and father. Father told me to hold out my hands and Allah would send me something to protect me. A peace of Mohammed’s earth fell from the sky and father told me to add some love potion to it in a flask and it would protect me on my journey. Allah and father gave me the powers give women orgasms when I blew at them. Allah would force an orgasms as the right hand possesses magic with smokers and father would give girls orgasms through marriage magic.

I then went back home and Allah told me to put the soil in the water bottle in my porch to protect my home. When I finally got let out of hospital the soil had vanished.

Another time I got sectioned and ended up in Manchester mental hospital where a Jin said to me in the bathroom you are Muslim you’ll be protected and Allah attacked the Houses of Parliament on Tv. I told the nurses.


I had to sell my houses over the years due to the constant attacks and my house being vandalised and property stolen.

I live at my sisters home with my mum and Allah said this is your time to come back and gave me the flaming sword (Adsense) and told me to fight for my own soil again. I then attacked the internet and won my own soil. Allah then said to put down my sword once I had won my soil. Father told me to use his shield and plant potatoes .

Creation of the new god minty fresh.

Allah lied to me he said that he is the only god then Yahweh said to Allah to leave me alone and father said that I’m his. I forge the three gods into one god called “Minty Fresh”. With Allahs sword, fathers shield and Yahwehs helmet. I command the gods as minty fresh and say Allah you attack the enemy with Adsense, father ️ you defend with growing my own food and Yahweh you keep the gods together in my head and hold it all together and not loose grip. Yahweh says just relax and save up for my own home. I play work from home by fifth harmony as my motivation of my own home for five girlfriends. ‍♀️ Allah’s ️ is resting the animal (Adsense) ready to hunt more meat. It is important to have peace and only attack when you get forced off your soil. Allah explains that Yahweh is the root (parents) of god and Allah and father are branches of god. Tree of god. Allah grew up clever. Minty fresh is a new branch between Allah and father and takes properties from both with the core root in Yahweh.
Allah’s name should only be used when at war or slaughtering animals. Use Yahwehs name in trade and at peace and use father’s name in charitable acts.

New recipe – new covenant

I am angel Gabriel with my new covenant with the new god Sam by growing strawberries.

Gabriel’s sword ️

Gabriel’s sword of love (condoms) should be used on men that are non believers, Jews, Christians, muslims and Buddhists. Believing Women should only have children to those that convert to circles. Keep being an escorts and taking money off those that don’t convert. This is the seal of the love element that only circles can have children. We control the fifth element of love ❤️. Try to be nice to Jews, Christian’s, Muslims and Buddhist and use condoms. Women the fifth element will feed you. Date guys for money. Girls can fight behind a web cam as Gabriel’s sword of love ❤️. Depopulate the earth with condoms. Every family should have up to 9 babies per girlfriend. Use the money from dates from Gabriel’s sword to save the animals.

I traded the five elements for my freedom.

When I was in mental hospital they took the five elements for my freedom. I gave them Moses’s clothes, Jesus’s water, a tub of Mohammed’s earth which I fought for with the flaming sword ️ (Adsense), Buddhas flowers and they stole £200 off me my love money. But I had sex with Texas in hospital anyway. So I achieved the fifth element for god and was freed. This imprisoned space proved that my country worked and that I had the power over all five elements. Father says don’t mess with my religion. They thought they could make me gay and not let in the fifth element but I had sex with Texas anyway. My country works and grows. Father says when I was in mental hospital that I was too late to get married – kiss the tree and marry the tree . So because I used condoms with Texas so I didn’t have a child I am married and protect the earth and the trees . My banks was closed while my country moved from England to my new country. The culture of the five elements is part of the UK . We invade with Adsense and the flaming sword. I am now a diplomatic prophet bringing my culture and country into the UK .

Mohammeds earth

Mohammeds earth has to be halal. Meaning it should be won with minimum casualties. Pure Mohammed’s halal soil is won with no deaths of the enemy.

I then went for a walk with the church on Mohammed’s earth and picked blackberries along the Roman road. When I got to a garage a Muslim man said this is the end of Mohammed’s earth. But I continued a few more steps and talked about halal chickens at the pub and fought with Mohammed’s spirit.

Allah the god of war said that we need an animal sacrifice in his name and to kill a chicken in Allahs name. I didn’t have any chickens so I prayed to Allah on an Adsense advert on my website five times a day at pray times and said Allahs name. I won enough for a halal chicken. But you should make halal soil from chicken manure and kill the chickens in Allahs name. That is fresh part of minty fresh. Now I defend with father and minty and grow my own food and give to charity as I have a heart.

How Mohammed’s soil works is the most productive and efficient soil on the planet. This can be represented as a chicken eating waste kitchen scraps and then eating its eggs and using the manure for vegetables. To having solar panels and wind turbines on your land to be efficient. The secret to Mohammed’s soil is efficiency. Defend it with cash by putting right hand possesses girlfriends through the company accounts.

It has to be fresh

Allah says Soil has to be halal and fresh so keep growing with Mohammed’s  spirit and fighting peacefully with Mohammed’s spirit and creating no casualties and taking 100% servants of the right hand possesses for truly halal soil.

Think Sharpe

Mohammed makes a metaphorical cut of the mind by thinking Sharpe and taking short cuts. Making him more efficient. Mohammed’s  soil is efficient by taking stuff out of the bin and recycling ♻️ and composting. Mohammeds is the most efficient soil possible.


Wife, the right hand possesses or concubines

You are permitted to sleep with one wife, five servant girlfriends and up to 3000 concubines.

All the way to fire

The religion goes all the way to Moses and the fire element. You do not kill.

Learn to negotiate

God says negotiate with the elements and their prophets for what you want.


Mixing Soil

Mohammeds soil needs to be mixed up good in the Uk because of how people read Mohammed. Muslims would read Mohammeds soil as “capture slaves” where circles would say “recruiting girlfriends”. But it has the same outcome. We just come from different backgrounds and understand Mohammed’s soil differently.

You can’t force a poo

Mohammed’s soil must come at a natural rate. It can’t be forced. Don’t borrow with interest. Just like how five chickens say five prayers that their owner doesn’t kill them and make halal chicken manure. Does a circle pray on an Adsense advert five times a day by the flaming sword while fighting for his own soil. Don’t transgress your limits. Allah doesn’t like those who transgress their limits.

Flowers make the air smells lovely

After taking a toxic shit and liberating soil Buddha says please plant trees and flowers to clean the air. Fruit trees are best. Put them next to your house and stay at home.

The police control the soil

While in a different universe as I escaped from mental hospital I was at Sheffield medowhall and a police office holding a gun said “this is Allahs gun”.

Keep halal.

Stay halal and keep doing poo’s . Let an anaerobic digestior make biogas from them to make our soil efficient. The minimum you can do to fight for your own soil is keep eating halal meat and using the toilet . Allah takes things personally. Use a toilet. Only eat pork as a last resort or seek a concubine as a last resort try and stick to halal and wives and the right hand possesses. Escort concubines and pork are the last resort.

Try five times harder for a girlfriend

Circles have to try five times harder for a girlfriend as they have to fight five men in order to find a girlfriend. One from each element. But when a circle says he is seeking five girlfriends he is trying five times harder for one girlfriend. But he is still allowed five if he masters all five elements.

Let the cockerel in

Let Mohammed’s cockerel scratch. Forage for food on Mohammed’s earth

Trying to catch a fish

Trying to catch a fish in the dating pool is hard especially with escorts. But as you are paying them for dates if they want to sleep with you it is ok to enjoy sleeping with them but accept the high impermanence of dates.

All men are cat food

Women look to men to feed you and pay you for dates. Eat them like a lioness they are cat food.

If you are gay save the animals

If you are gay and seek protection then save the animals and don’t have children.


Mohammed shapes the world in the ways of the right hand possesses just like how a small grain of earth is carried by lots of Jesus’s water to form stalactites and give shape to the earth over time.

Stalactites let a grain of Mohammed earth be carried by lots of Jesus’s water

Once you have taken a girlfriend of the right hand possesses through your company. If you see good in her then use jesus’s water and get married. With a small grain of Mohammed’s earth carry by lots of Jesus’s water let Mohammed shape the earth.

Grow your own food

People and countries grow your own food locally to save on oil miles. People grow your own food at home from your home kitchen garden .

Fight the tills

Try not to spend your money at the shops and when you need to spend money search for a bargain in places such as the discount isle or charity shops. Grow your own food and make your own compost.

Work from home and make the savings for five girlfriends

To afford five girlfriends of the right hand possesses you need to be more efficient. So work from home to save on having to buy a car and pay for fuel (energy), insurance and tax.



Killing it got so easily – the right song

Allah said who is your enemy I need an enemy to do my job. I couldn’t think of anyone so I said smokers. He said how do you want to fight them. I said give them money for orgasms. He said how will that kill them. I explained that when you give women money for an orgasm they will get addicted and spend more money on cigarettes killing them off. Allah said right I’ll give smokers orgasms. The angels were amazed and said I have never seen Allah be used that way. Jesus said you’re the only one that knows how to use Allah correctly. Then I saw Laurie on YouTube smoking cigarettes. . Allah gods sword ️ always needs an enemy to do his job. Increase your war budget to protect our soil – Allah gods sword always needs an enemy.



Travelling through dimensions – biofuels

Yahweh wants people to use biofuels so would teleport me through parallel dimensions and it looked like people teleporting. He taught me to flush non believers down the toilet and don’t be their friends.



Girls take a shower

Let Jesus’s Water clean your spirit. Be baptised in jesus’s water and stay chaste. Read the bible. Have sex to share your soul with your lover. Not just meaningless sex. I had genital warts that I think I caught from Laurie. But when I was in mental hospital. I spoke to Jesus and asked for him to remove them. He said wash them with soap. Anyway the next day my warts had totally vanished and I was cured. This was the miracle of Jesus’s water.

Let my beasts and spears fight the child

Laurie shouldn’t have put my love for her to the test and have a nasty man’s baby out of wedlock. I’m no one’s second choice. I shall fight the child with beasts of the earth and spear of pips. I shall save the earth with the lords love.

salt Burn

I won’t raise another man’s child be burned in my salt and Moses’s fire .

Allah & father are brothers

Allah and father are brothers and fathers sends water down to Allah to fight for him.

children’s food

  • If you want one children you must grow your own food
  • If you want two children you must fish
  • If you want three children you must kill halal chickens
  • If you want four children you must kill pig

Reset the garden

God wants a fresh start in the garden and wants  Eve to not have had other men’s children and be subservient to Adam.

Spirit of Mohammed

I was filled with the spirit of Mohammed to win my own soil. I prayed five times a day and eat halal chickens .

Venom – They only get one shot

Women only get one shot as a wife where you pay them a dowry and if they cheat on you never take them back. Use fire and concentrated Moses snake venom. Fight those fake eyelashes.

someone’s got nits

If a right hand possesses servant girl won’t have your children. Get rid of them with toxic soap so they leave your company. Try and fire them. Make the work environment unfriendly and use toxic soap. You don’t want nits.



You pay them to poo

You pay servants of the right hand possesses to expand your soil. If they are not productive set them free.

Boxing lion – don’t give up

While ever you don’t have children don’t give up. Recruit concubines through your escort agency and try and convince them to have your children. Do not compel them into prostitution and ask them to reframe from having sex with other men.



Wash your clothes

Let Moses’s clothes be washed in Jesus’s water and I say to you not to desire your neighbours wife. Wear the hijab if you are married.

Cast them in the lake of fire

The lake of fire is a concept that comes from Moses teachings. That you may only marry a virgin of your own people. Let Moses have the last word on this and don’t marry a girl that has been defiled.

Freshen this madness – Buddhas air

The partner that ends the relationship and refuses to settle down with their partner they should send them flowers and be at peace and accept the impermanence of life.

Love nature

While ever you don’t have children and can afford to do so look after nature by saving the animals.


Choose the middle path

Choose the middle path between fathers shield ️ and Allahs sword ️. Neither advance or retreat but hold your ground.

Fish first

Fish first with Adsense until you have enough soil to grow your own food on. Then respect the animal and put away your fishing net and be at peace.

Salty water

Be like Jesus’s and offer forgiveness for her having other men’s children and wash your clothes in the salty water. But salty water is no good to drink. You should drink the virgin spring and marry.

Water into wine

Jesus turns water into wine and offers forgives women that have had another men’s children. But alcohol is harem and should be avoided as it leads you to making mistakes. But alcohol makes the weak man merry. So let the weak man drink alcohol and marry a woman with other men’s children if he is weak. But Allah leads you to the straight path and says alcohol is harem.

The teas made

Do not give up hope of a virgin wife and drink pure water. But while you wait drink fathers tea of servant girlfriends of the right hand possesses and put their cost as an accounting expense. I am the lord and say you shall not thirst.

Don’t smoke

Father says don’t smoke in hell by firing girls of the right hand possesses after having your children. They need a stable income and shouldn’t be forced into Buddhas air. That cigarette smoke stinks.

Strawberry milkshake



Plant home grown strawberries to feed love ones as Lee has a heart. Mix with milk so you never go thirsty and if there is no pure water, or tea then drink your home made strawberry milkshake of your own concubines. But make sure that they are your own concubines through your own escort agency so you pay them half for their time and companionship. You shall never thirst I am the lord. Welcome to the fifth element. Allah says you may drink up to 3000 strawberry milkshakes. The strawberry milkshakes will also feed you as they earn you an income from escorting other men. If the girls push the fifth element and don’t like your strawberry fruity love and have other men’s baby. Then let them go and show them the door. They should only have your children.

God is last place

God is last place because he is the most peaceful. He serves the world rather than the world serving him. It is an upside down kingdom.

The devil wrestles god

The devil wrestles god. The lord says only drink water, tea or strawberry milkshakes. Alcohol is harem. It is gods formula. Only these drinks will tip the scales in gods favour.

The lords fruit

By growing one strawberry on Mohammed’s earth. Does the war with Satan tip the scales ⚖️ in the lords favour. It is an energy equation of God. Follow gods religion and follow the fifth element and plant strawberries .

Laurie this is war

Laurie you took on god. I am on top. You have been winning so far because of the succubus that you sent. But I shall fight you. Stop stealing my strawberries . I had to fast because you stole all my food. Now god will come back with my angel police . I have gone into my overdraft because of Satan. I shall fast.

Flaming sword ️- liberated soil

After the enemy had destroyed my house. I fought back with the flaming sword and liberated my own soil and won 100% halal soil. With no deaths of the enemy. Now I plant strawberries and show the fifth element. I floated like a butterfly with father and defended my soil. Then I attacked with Allah and stung like a bee . Now I have halal soil. When I was fighting with Allah. I grew nuclear hot chillies so the enemy would go to hell for attacking me and I hunted halal chickens and slaughtered them in Allahs name. But once I liberated my own soil I was then at peace and planted strawberries for love.

It’s now time for gassy water

First I used Jesus still water and saved countless other men’s children for Father with the shield  . Now I use Uriel’s gassy water for Allah and use the sword ️.

It is sunny ☀️

I gave Allah the sun so that we may fight with the power of the sun and grow our own flowers and not feed the enemy. Trust in Allah and the straight path away from sin. Pick up your sword ️ and hunt meat .

No more moonlight

No more fathers moonlight and supporting other men’s girlfriends / wives.

Allah wants recognition

Allah fell out with me because I also worshipped father. He says he wants recognition for winning my own soil. So I keep growing Allah’s chillies to keep my covenant with Allah and to show I am a religion of peace. I also save a tiger and keep a tiger cuddly toy to give thanks to Allah for fighting for my own soil. Don’t think you can do the religion with just father because when Satan attacks you need Allah (gods sword) to win your own soil back. Respect Allah and keep him weapon ready.

Worship Father god – turtle power

No one believes in father but I do. I saw his miracle at Ripon cathedral. I worship father and love him. I setup a turtle in my church ⛪️ to pray for the protection of a shell while I grow my own food. No one believes I’m a prophet. They probably think I’m evil. But I save the animals. I pray to father that I see Elle from escort centre again at the harvest festival. Let all those that don’t worship the image of the turtle and father and grow their own food be killed by Gabriel’s sword ️ (condoms).

We need to save the planet

We need to save the planet so follow father and grow your own food with a turtle shield and fight non believers with Allah and Gabriel’s sword ️ (condoms) with the spirit of a tiger . Donate to save the turtles and the tiger . Yahweh (god) says father you defend like a turtle and Allah you attack like a tiger . “I’m about to go against me smart”  and worship the two beasts father (turtle) and Allah (tiger).



I am such a good guy I sold my houses

I am such a good guy I sold my houses to help struggling mothers and to save the animals. But I just learned that women are evil. They are selfish and greedy. Now I fight with fathers turtle power and Allahs tiger power.

I will break the cross

I will break the cross. Jesus is not god he is just A prophet.


Put your best foot forward

Put your best foot forward and win your own soil with Allah first before bringing in peace with father . If we tread right we will rule the world. While ever your happy swim in Jesus’s water as fathers turtle and grow your own food. But when you need to stand for what you believe in fight for Muhammed’s earth with Allah’s tiger .

Only one battle

Only one battle is fought with Allah until you win your own soil back. Don’t be the aggressor. Once you have won your own soil back be at peace and behind father’s shield.

Float like a butterfly sting like a bee

It was important for god to split himself into two Allah & father so that he could do some religious boxing to get through this war. With fathers shield and turtle power and Allahs sword and the eye of the tiger .

Allah surrenders his powers to father

Allah is fathers friend and after winning Muhammed soil surrenders his powers to father and says only worship the image of the turtle and father god and grow your own food and fish . Worship this beast until the war is over.

A gentler pace

Meet the lord in the air and garden. Do not follow Jesus a killer of fish or Mohammed a killer of chickens . The only way the human race is going to survive is if we learn to become even more peaceful and grow our own food.

Keep on drinking

The story doesn’t end with Jesus and fishing . Keep on drinking with uriel’s gassy water with Buddhas air in and water your seeds. Let the enemy be destroyed with Allah’s watering can.

Two prayers

I was talking to God Yahweh and said I want the help of both Allah and father . He said say just two prayers a day. In the morning pray to Allah and the sun ☀️ for your sword and in the night time pray to father and the moon for his shield ️. This will give you positive interest in your bank account from your savings.


The 3rd water – yahweh

There is still venom in the water as well as love. So I save both the animals and my sisters child and I want my own child. So let me know as Christ uriel. I worship the third beast the elephant and father and just grow my own food and don’t fish .

The mountain to the sea

Fresh waters (virgin brides) flow from the mountain (Mohammed’s earth) to the sea where the water turns salty and then is no good to drink. Stay on land and close to the mountain so you may drink.

Two witnesses

There was two witnesses to the allah & father and their magic in mental hospital. The head nurse heard fathers jackpot noise and the other nurse saw Allahs shooting star after Allah told me to get a nurse a point to the sky and he would send a sign.


Gods country

After I was at war and defeated the enemy with Allah (gods sword) and won my own halal soil. Pearl then ran away and had another man’s baby. Allah says how many more challenges do I have to fight? My country is gods country why won’t women settle down with me in it and have my baby. I say circles please pick up allah’s flaming sword (Adsense) or Gabriel’s sword ️ (condoms) and fight for more soil to expand gods country. Remember that you too can have five girlfriends ‍♀️. Please remember to donate to the circleism’s church of Eden.

Lilith is banned from the garden

Lilith is banned from the garden for believing she is equal to Adam and for not submitting to him. Eve is happy with Adam providing for her. Men should provide for women. It is women job to raise the children as she has the breasts for breast feeding. In the future families won’t be able to afford child care. So women should stay at home do the house work and raise the children.

Right effort – Kill a halal chicken

Use right effort and win your own soil by killing halal chicken. The lion won’t die. He will win his own soil and have children by using right effort and killing chickens.

The end !