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Caste system for women

Circleism adopts a caste system for its governance of woman. Women under your control can fall into three castes; wife, servant girlfriend or concubine.
There can be one wife who is to be married as a virgin and has equal rights to the man who should receive a dower from her husband on consummation of the marriage.
There can be up to five servant girlfriends who work for their master at his company and have his children. They don’t live with their master but raise their joint children in their own home or servant quarters paid for through employment by their master. Their own home is usually rented to them by their master. It is possible for these women to have had previous children outside their employment it is up to their master if they think they can afford them as well as having his children.

Then there can be up to 3000 concubines of the sword of love the military arm of circles who win soil through peace and love. These are usually attractive young unskilled women who attack and seduce men with their looks for money. They can be surrogates and have the owners children. They live independently from their master.