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My story

My story all began many years ago when I was getting harassed about sleeping with a girl that might have been 16 not 18 like she claimed. This and thinking I was having my drinks poisoned drove me into the watchful eye of the mental Heath services. They sectioned me and I was in mental hospital where I heard my solicitor say that we have destroyed his life now. There was a girl that I was in love with called Laurie Jade Woodruff and I found out that she started a therapy business so I thought I would ask to be a client so I could spend more time with her and hope she would fall in love with me. I met Laurie when she worked as an escort at mckenzies escorts which I went to when my dad died for company. Laurie was extremely promiscuous and used to go to sex parties and has slept with over 200 men.
Then in the second therapy session Laurie told me that she was pregnant to a nasty man called Ian that used to shout at her. It broke my heart and I cried. I tried sending her messages with how I felt but the police issued me with a do not contact order. It broke my heart I was so I love with Laurie it would be hard not to contact her as I was addicted to her personality. I bought a silver snake spine necklace, superman ring and iron man T-shirt to do advanced NLP to not contact Laurie again.

Then late one evening I was laid on the sofa and the voice of Ian and Laurie appeared above me in the room. Ian said get him Laurie and I felt stabbing pains on my body. I darted about the house in the dark hiding from Laurie. The snake spine necklance started to burn so I ripped it off my neck and put it down the toilet. Laurie then said let see what happens when he opens the 7 seals. I called an ambulance and went to hospital . When I got there in the emergency room I took off the superman ring and ended up in a trance walking forward with my eyes closed calling out “Adam don’t trust eve”. The women nurses hissed at me like snakes. When I got to the end of the corridor my body squirmed around and around and with my eyes closed when I looked down I saw a firey pit and above I saw a bright light. Just as I felt myself about to ascend upwards the doctors dragged me back to a chair and started injecting me with things. The doctor said “I’ve just saved your life”. They put me on a ward where I met two angels Allahs angel and fathers angel. Allahs angel put Moses snake venom magic in my water drip so that I won’t raise another man’s child. Fathers angel gurda gave me back the superman ring but it got stuck to my finger. Angel gurda pulled it off but it took 1/2 of her angel magic. She said that witch has put all angels in hell and demons in heaven. We will have to fight our way back up. She then gave me Allahs bit of candy that Allahs angel had left which changed four wives and the right hand possesses to five girlfriends. The next day my mum came to visit and I saw people with red eyes including my mum. I heard Laurie speak to Jesus saying that’s not very nice.

I got moved to a mental hospital where I got put on the high end dependency unit where I heard Allah throw Laurie in hell on tv. I cried. I had a dream where Laurie asked for me to save her. I quickly got let out when I told the nurse Dave scaret that I hadn’t slept for days. Dave asked if anyone had hissed at me but even though the psychiatrist did  as well I said no to get let out. I heard a lion roar in the garden and heard a man says that’s the last song that I play.

When I got home a week passed where I didn’t go out much then I felt this stabbing pain in my chest and died for 2 seconds from a heart attack where I saw Laurie in hell. She said “it’s you” before coming back alive. I felt really dehydrated afterwards so Jesus told me to drink water. I went to the sink and drank glasses of water where I felt this wind and energy go from the white wall on the left to the red wall in the right where people in hell was asking to be saved. I drank water all night and saw souls in hell go up to heaven and the white wall. Then in the middle of the field in the square of houses i saw a bubble while the voices of angels in the sky said “he doesn’t know what he is doing” and to “stay out of the midday sun”. The next day I laid on my sofa drinking water while talking to the last water genie ‍♂️ of space and time that gave me all of his life force.

God saw my garden of fruit trees, vegetables and fruit bushes and said “he has already won”.

I then went inside and Allah shouted at me and told me to go to the front door pour water over my head and say I’m Muslim. I did out of fear. Then the spirit of Jesus politely but firmly asked me to go to the back door and pour water off my head and say I’m Christian and I did out of complicity. This made me 1/2 Muslim 1/2 Christian and I see both worlds and plant flowers at the front garden for Allah and vegetables at the back garden for father .


Then one night I heard an Angel tell me to call an ambulance I am going into cardiac arrest. I then heard a loud rumbling noise coming from the red wall which sounded like a demon about to break through. I left the house and walked to the shops, I came back to find the ambulance waiting for me. I went to the hospital and walked outside. Then I heard Allah say to lay on the floor then to twist my head off. I got up and I heard him fire missile noises at me. He chased me with a darting star all the way to armthorpe with missile noises where I got lost and had to flag down a police car. They took me to hospital to be sectioned. In hospital I heard the gods and Satan talk to me and Laurie about who is on top god or Satan. Some snakes got into the universe. I said let me decide with my actions. In hospital Allah told me he just wanted to get to know me better. Then I was in the garden talking to god Yahweh about the flowers where the mental health team rushed to me and injected me with something against my will. Even though I’d only been in hospital a few days which is against the law.
I heard Allahs universe bleed through the hospital as patients drank water from the tap. I went into the woman’s lounge and spoke with the spirit of Jesus about Laurie and how I wanted five girlfriends to replace her. Jesus went away and the heavens opened and Yahweh said with a booming voice from the sky “let him have five girlfriends”. That started my pursuit for five marketing girlfriends to work for me. I saw a strange butterfly in the garden with a huge body and small wings. It couldn’t fly. Yahweh then said that he will leave me with Allah and father . Allah told me he was the god of war and we decided father was top god. And before going to Allah I must go to father first. I then setup a covenant with the two gods for father I would grow mint and I gave him the moon and for Allah the hottest chillis ️ that I can grow and the sun.

Dave scaret the head nurse heard fathers jackpot noise and said it sounds like we are getting pay rises and I heard Allahs shotgun noise too.
Dr gosh the psychiatrist also had a conversation with Allah about strippers and the fifth element.

Dave scarets eyes turned from blue to purple when I told him that I had bought a lottery ticket.

I saw people teleporting around the hospital and saw a doctor be in two places at once while I shifted through universes. I managed to escape through a side door of the mental hospital by asking a nurse how people was teleporting. I went on an adventure to Sheffield medowhall and Ripon giving women orgasms when I blew at them. Angel Gabriel also made the air smell fruity. While at Ripon I heard Laurie say strippers this way and I hid, then some students says Lee Stovin’s an ancient. I then went to Leeds hotel where I heard the voice of Jesus say I feel sorry for him that I stole all his powers and “you snooze you loose”. I then sat outside Ripon cathedral while father said to collect rain water to see Elle from escort centre again at the harvest festival. But I spilt the water on the journey back in the police car. The world was strange in Leeds people was moving slowly like a computer simulation running slow. A plane started to fall from the sky. I went in a church prayed and donated some money then the universe started speeding up again. I told some police that I needed to go back to mental hospital. On the journey I heard them drop water bombs on Doncaster. I think these police was angel police from the fifth dimension.
When I got back to hospital I diluted the bit of water that I had and watered the flowers in the garden to put love in the air. They kept me in prison of the mental hospital. God asked me to strip naked and walk a mile to the nearest police station to confess my sins this got me sectioned again. Another time I got sectioned I got moved to Manchester hospital where a jinn in the bathroom say you are Muslim you are protected. Then I heard Allah attack the Houses of Parliament on tv. I then got back to Doncaster and fought my case to be set free. Lots of other things happened but it’s too long to tell all my stories of Allah and father. Allah calls the mental hospital his spaceship and takes people to parallel worlds where father looks after you. Allahs spaceship has left and gone into warp speed.